Ibsar and Coca-Cola Launch Nature Conservation

Ibsar, Nature Conservation Center for Sustainable Futures at the American University of Beirut launched today the “Nature Conversation” program, sponsored by The Coca-Cola Foundation, to announce and discuss the objectives and methodologies with the participating schools. The press conference was held at AUB and was attended by the General Director of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Fadi Yarak, representatives from Ibsar, AUB, The Coca-Cola Foundation and the participating schools.

Nature Conversation is a two year program that will engage 22 public and private Lebanese schools and an estimated 2,160 students in conserving nature through educational and extra-curricular nature related activities. The project will develop civic engagement and experiential learning by integrating field, artistic and team building activities that help foster interaction and cooperation between students from different schools.

“Ibsar believes that schools can play an important role in conserving nature through nature related extra-curricular activities” said Dr. Najat Saliba, AUB-Ibsar director. “This project will attempt to highlight nature as a unifying theme and a venue for children from different backgrounds to work together and recognize that they are more similar in their needs than they think”, she added.

Antoine Tayyar, Public Affairs and Communications Director of Coca-Cola Middle East stressed on The Coca-Cola Foundation mission to making a positive difference in the world, “For Coca-Cola, sustainability means making the right choices today, so that future generations will not have fewer choices tomorrow. Our company engages in community activities because it believes that corporations have a responsibility to the communities in their host countries.”

With operations in more than 200 countries, Coca-Cola depends on sustainable communities by helping them find solutions to local needs, building capabilities and improving quality of life through programs, partners and people. Always striving to be an active partner to the Lebanese community, Coca-Cola launched many missions in Lebanon with the likes of the ‘CedaRoots’ project inaugurating the first cedar forest in South Lebanon or supporting the ‘Go Green’ initiative to raise awareness on a number of environmental issues.

“Nature Conversation” activities range from forest wall mural paintings, mosaic benches, rehabilitation of school playgrounds, reviving nature based traditions, crafts and stories, mouneh, photography, tree planting and care, and trail rehabilitation.