Hulk Hogan Sex Tape: Mammoth Offer Made

A porn company is banking on the fact that you really, really want to see a 58-year old man naked.

The website has seen snippets of the Hulk Hogan sex tapeand has made the famous wrestler an offer larger than his… you know.

According to TMZ, the website has penned a complimentary letter to Hogan in which it acknowledges his claim that the video was made without his permission and writes:

“While this may be an embarrassing ordeal for you to go through right now, it doesn’t need to be … you are ‘bigger’ than Andre the Giant where it matters.”

The adult site says it has an “open checkbook” if Hulk is interested in signing a deal that would release the full tape into its possession. It would then make the 30-minute session available to the public.

Hulk asserts he had no knowledge he was being filmed receiving oral pleasure and has threatened to sue those behind its leak.