The Green Party of Lebanon

The Green Party of Lebanon held a press conference today at the Monroe Hotel Beirut attended by representatives from the Governmental Bodies, Private sector, Civic Community, Friends and supporters of the green cause.

Nada Zarour, Vice President of the Green Party explained the emphasis on the financial policies that the Party aims at accomplishing, by creating awareness and opportunities for local commercial and industrial sector to develop the green business opportunities serving the greater green cause.

It was interesting to explain the Influencer Character of the Green Party being young visionary party, with a cause and a mission that spans across the nation and unto its actual human aspect. Emphasizing the “Green is our cause and attitude… it is our lifestyle and mission” following the No Compromise policy when it comes to values.

Amal Khreich introduced the campaign “Green is a Red Line” was launched a series of Social, Educational, Entertainment activities aiming at creating awareness towards the Environmental Crises affecting our existence, and inviting the civic and commercial green conscious minds to participate in drawing the red line against the discriminating practices that might destroy our green Lebanon.

A unique and dynamic competition concept was announced “the Green Minds” engaging the young talented and frustrated Green Minds to participate and compete in three categories including: A short film, Environemtal Campaign and Urban Design. As a concurrent event a Gallery for the competing concepts will be held between Sep 5-10, 2011 to promote the concepts and create opportunities to realizing them

An invitation to save the date Sep 5 till 10, and join the forces for the green cause.

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