For One Good Hour, Red Bull Vertical Stage Energizes Hamra

Red Bull Vertical Stage (3)

For a good hour, & while clubbers, passers-by, and bystanders were enjoying their Thursday night in the ever-vibrant Alleyway Street in Hamra, a unique musical collaboration premiered for the first time.

Artists from different backgrounds took on the crowd, the streets, and February 30’s rooftop for the night. An impromptu jam session kept music lovers begging for more!

FareeQ El Atrash’s Nasser Shorbaji (Chyno), Loopstache’s Carl Ferneiné and Salim Naffah, joined by renowned drummer Anthony Abi Nader, climbed their way onto the roof of February 30, one of Hamra’s populated pubs. The four musicians plugged in their toys on the building’s rooftop and played a magical one-hour set to the crowd, passers-by, and even drivers.

Red Bull Vertical Stage(1)

The second in a series of impromptu gigs, dubbed Vertical Stage and organized by Red Bull around lively nightlife hotspots, was preceded by another unannounced performance that had taken the public by surprise on the balcony above Radio Beirut, a local venue in the vibrant Mar Mikhael nightlife area.

On October 3rd, 2013, Liliane Chlela, member of the bands Hezbel Taleta and The DnB Project, and guitarist Mihran Gurunian, who plays with Pindoll, treated passers-by and nightlife enthusiasts to exceptional experimental sounds that lit up the night.

When and where will the third Vertical Stage take place? Don’t forget to look up!