Give them a chance!

Give them a chance! 
Brunch association CHANCE (Children Against Cancer) at the Marina Dbayeh.

In occasion of the International Week for the fight against children’s leukemia, the association CHANCE whose mission is to help children diagnosed with cancer in St George’s Hospital, Hotel Dieu, Rizk, Abou Jaoude and Ste.Theresa, held its annual brunch at La Marina Dbayeh attended by many esteemed Lebanese personalities.

The president of the association, Dr. Roula Farah-Sayad who has given a very touching glimpse of the association’s goals and successes until present, has also mentioned the importance of prevention of certain cancers, such as cancer of the cervix against which a new vaccine is available from the age of 10 years. In her speech, she warmly thanked the committee of ladies and sponsors.

Mrs. Zeina Sayegh, the Coordinator of the Brunch, has thanked the 500 people who responded to the call “Be Their luck and make the difference!”

Finally, Dr. Noha Bejjani-Doueihi, the member of the medical committee, has deeply impressed the ladies with her poem describing the CHANCE history.

A trophy offered by SIOM (Mrs. Jeanette Baroud) has been delivered by Mrs. Anne-Marie Nasr to  Mr. Amine Dib for his project “on the road charity”.

Mr. Dib, director of the SPA at the hotel Intercontinental Phoenicia has skirted the coast from Beirut to Turkey solo on his bicycle to obtain funds supporting children with cancer.

Alberto Habib has charmed all the ladies playing on his violin and the singers Carole Hobeika and Nader Khoury enchanted the guests with their beautiful voice and music ..

CHANCE would thanks all the sponsors that helped to make this event a successful one, and we single out Abbott, BankMed, Gsk, and all the other sponsors that generously offered many gifts to the guests.

The Brunch was unforgettable in an elegant and relaxed atmosphere for a good cause!

Anyone who would like to help a sick child be cured can send his donation to Fransabank, Tabaris branch account # 23.10.093113846 and Bank of Beirut account #1140110317800

To reach our association, please contact Mrs. Anne-Marie Nasr either by calling

03-845205 or by email: Website: