Gitanes: A brand of art and creativity brings out the Gipsy in you

Forty-four photographers came together, courtesy of Gitanes, on May 20, 2010, to showcase their exceptional works at the Beirut Art Center, which was completely transformed into a haven of gypsies and shades of blue, mirroring the feel of the Gitanes brand. The visual’s main theme revolved around the Gipsy dancer and the ways of showcasing it creatively which gathered over forty exceptional works, and over hundreds of submissions.

The winner of the competition, Tony Tom walked away with the latest Canon 7D, one of the best camera devices in town. In addition, he had his photograph displayed at an art exhibition, as well as in a renowned magazine as part of the next Gitanes ad campaign.

The results of the competition were truly captivating and it was a very difficult decision for the jury to select the best pictures. The jury panel included: Sebastien Gruere ; Levant Marketing Manager of Imperial Tobacco, renowned Chief Photographer of Reuters; Mr Jamal Saidi, and Florence Basseux; Creative Director of Impact BBDO.

Second, third, and fourth winners did not leave empty-handed either, as a MacBook laptop, a Nokia 8MP and a Nano IPod awaited them.

The photographers were guided throughout the competition stages, and their endeavors documented. As their work was sent in for review, the decision was unanimous, and Tony Tom’s snapshot won the big prize.

“To me, photography is neither a hobby neither a profession, it is my life. My ambition, my willingness and my passion in photography were the mixed cocktail that allowed me to indulge myself with the taste of winning. I worked on every single detail, starting with chosing the model, the hair, the clothes, the accessories, and the location. And here, I want to thank my gypsy dancer, and most importantly thank Gitanes who pushed the youth to do this challenge” said Tomy Tom.

“The concept of the gipsy developed in my photograph is a modernist one.
The gipsy was symbolized by key elements as the guitar, the headband and her tan; yet her urban lifestyle is articulated through a layered reflection of the cityscape, an expression of her wanderings and her need of freedom” said Maria Chamie, who won third prize.”

Gitanes is a symbol for many actors, writers, singers, photographers, painters, and designers. It is the creative and artistic way through which artists communicate.It is a brand is full of heritage and culture and has a very strong artistic side to it.The initiative taken by Gitanes to host a photography competition is proof of its encouragement towards the growth of the art scene.

Express your creativity with Gitanes!