Gefinor Rotana Re-introduces Brunch at the Olive Garden


Gefinor Rotana reintroduced brunch on September 28, 2014 at the Olive Garden Restaurant & Terrace in collaboration with the non-profit organization Lebanese Food Bank as a contribution to eliminate hunger. Gefinor Rotana strongly believes in human rights and working towards a better tomorrow, therefore, two dollars per person will be donated from the brunch’s bill. This one-year collaboration falls under Rotana’s social and humanitarian initiative to implement a wide range of activities to help the Lebanese society with no compromise on quality or service.
During the event and as part of many entertaining activities, chef Chady Zeitouny, Ambassador for the Lebanese Food Bank, prepared succulent and mouthwatering dishes. Various competitions were also active on the hotels official Instagram page with valuable prizes to win and giveaways were distributed to all the attendees as an appreciation for their support.
Brunch was first introduced in Gefinor Rotana on May 25th, as a relentless endeavor to provide unique experiences for family gatherings, different from what is usually offered at most other outlets across Lebanon.