Flat Tire?!: Erection Problems & Solutions

With all the unrealistic expectations about sex and performance, it is no wonder that many men face erection difficulties at some point in their lives. This can be any degree of erectile dysfunction or of the inability to maintain an erection.

If you find yourself experiencing erectile problems, it is advisable to check out your cardiovascular health and check for diabetes, as this could indicate a problem given that these are the most common possible organic causes. In addition, check if you are taking any medications with such side effects. If you experience morning or nocturnal (during sleep) erections, this indicates that the physical components are functioning properly and suggests that it is most likely a psychological rather than a physical issue.

In order to understand this issue further, one must understand how an erection happens in the first place. In simplified terms, it is through the relaxation of the smooth muscle of the penis that allows for an erection to occur. When not erect, the penis is kept tucked safely away by the stress (contraction) of the smooth muscle. Therefore, the ability to have and maintain an erection reflects the balance between the stress and relaxation of the physical body. Erection difficulties thus express a change in this balance.

When it is not a physical problem, this imbalance applies to the psychological dynamics. If you are having erection difficulties, ask yourself, what is happening in the balance between stress and pride in your life? Has anything changed in this balance?

Special to BNL: Maha Nasrallah, Sexologist