FitFlop – Get a workout while you DJ?

Announced as ‘Footwear Brand of the Year’ at the British ‘Drapers Footwear Awards’, these popular toning-shoes have taken the world by storm.

Not only available in women sandals, sneakers and clogs, but in many styles for men as well. The FitFlop ‘Supertone’ Trainers have been spotted on one of the Middle East’s most popular DJs, maDJam, who this weekend was not only spinning to the Faqra party-goers, but getting a workout while he deejay-ed as well. Imagine how a simple shoe can provide comfort and support for your feet and – here’s the real spin – work your legs and butt at the same time.

Music to your ears! FitFlop has composed and the world now has happy feet.

FitFlop, “Get a workout while you walk”, those are your lyrics. How can a simple sandal do all that? It’s the miracle of modern technology, the microwobbleboard™ in the midsole of every shoe.  FitFlop’s unique midsole challenges the muscles in your legs to work harder, by causing the slightest instability with each step.

Feel good, look good, and spin away all day! You can learn more about how they work your gluteus maximus at or visit FitFlop Lebanon on Facebook.