Fish Spa Therapy – A Must Try

Lebanon has been known to always follow the trends internationally, this time its with the latest methods of getting rid of dead skin from your body… a facial, manicure, pedicure can thoroughly be achieved by undergoing fish spa therapy. Did you know we have it here?

Washington Post had the below article under hot topics…

“How about a mani or pedi from a fish? At the Argilab beauty center in Beirut, a customer undergoes fish spa therapy. Garra rufa, also known as the “doctor fish,” exfoliate hands, ankles, calves and feet. The inch-long silver fish don’t bite; they simply nibble at dead skin cells with mouths that act like suction cups. Customers describe the experience as a tingling, tickling sensation, and say it leaves the skin smooth. Spas say the treatment can improve such chronic skin conditions as psoriasis and eczema. Despite some skepticism, it has become a popular spa treatment in Europe and Asia.”

Argilab is the first spa in Lebanon that offers this kind of treatment, according to its owner.

I would definitely give it a try…  Wouldn’t you?