A New Ferrari in Town – Ferrari FF


The FF: the Ferrari Four. Four as in four-wheel drive. Four as in the four comfortable seats that cocoon driver and occupants alike – you can now see it in the Ferrari show room in Downtown. An exclusive cocktail party was held at the showroom inviting all of Lebanon’s VIP crowd to witness the long awaited awaited car. Beautiful models from LIPS Modeling Agency promoted the sexy new car in town: the Ferrari FF, followed by a speech by Sport Motor Goup, representative of Ferrari in Lebanon.

Check this unique car at Ferrari show room Downtown.

About FF: The four-seater that utterly changes the whole GT sports car concept, hailing nothing short of a revolution in the automotive world. Even the most cursory glance at the FF’s sleek, Pininfarina-penned super model profile will tell you that. Drive it – anywhere, any time, in any weather or road conditions – and you’ll know why it’s so radical. It may be a car that has elegance, beauty and art in its soul, but there’s much, much more to the FF than sophisticated allure. It was, in fact, designed specifically to tackle the toughest, most complex and ambitious of driving challenges.