Falamank: A Vintage Story

Falamank, the name of the jewelry brand designed by Tarfa Itani, comes from the word “Flamant”. Flamants were the first people to cut rough diamonds hundreds of years ago. The name reflects the vintage designs created by Itani.

Falamank by Tarfa Itani launched its new jewelry design studio in Beirut, introducing a new concept in jewelry design. Located in Verdun, one of the city’s most prestigious shopping districts, the new studio and showroom has been specifically designed to constitute a welcoming and delightful atmosphere where the client can start his journey with his personalized jewels. The new studio enables clients to collaborate personally with the designer to conceptualize and create his unique pieces to express their personality, their love and passion. “Today more than ever, people want fine pieces that make a statement about who they are” said Tarfa Itani. “Our new line echoes this need and enables me as a designer to tap into my clients’ personality and come up with heartfelt creations that they can bond with.”

Falamank holds 3 lines of jewelry: The Antique, the vintage and the modern. The designer surely knew how to perpetuate the beauty and knowhow of the past eras into the present moments.

“Falamank was a word that clearly defined a lot the materials I use in most of my creations,” the designer explains.
Although her creativity goes beyond just vintage designs, she has kept the name. “It now means the rose cut diamond, a popular diamond cut,” she says.

Itani, who is passionate for arts and crafts, started Falamank around five years ago. She left her job as a graphic designer and perused her passion for jewelry design by accomplishing a GIA degree in jewelry.

Her journey started when she began collecting antique jewelry pieces, some of which were more than a hundred years old, and selling them to different parts of the world through the internet.

“After the vintage designs, I started a modern line of jewelry as well as a funky one. They are all part of my personality. Not just one line defines me. One thing they all have in common is the true emotions behind each and every design,” says Itani. “Emotions and feelings, in my opinion is what define a true artist,” she adds. The first item she ever designed was a vintage style Fatima’s hand that made a hit at the time.

Itani explains that her preference for certain designs over others always depends on her mood. “Nostalgia, for example, pushes me to create a vintage piece that reflects the past. It’s bringing history into our present. The feeling of contentment, on the other hand, pushes me to create maybe a bracelet that speaks and promises a story of eternal love and romance… so it really depends,” she says.
Inspiration for her vintage collection comes from old pieces of jewelry, specifically those from the art nouveau and art deco eras, “a period of history that set the trends in jewelry making up until the present day. I use gold and diamonds acquired from different parts of the world. These materials are known for their everlasting luster and value,” she says.

She uses precious stones and metals acquired from different parts of the world. “I love using gold and diamonds for their everlasting luster and value. I add a modern twist to them.”

But Itani recently added Murano glass from Italy to create some limited editions mosaic jewelry pieces. The combination of the extremely tiny pieces of Murano glass to the gold and the diamonds was one of a kind patchwork.

Arabic calligraphy is very much present in her new collection. “I believe the Arabic alphabet is very artistic by itself for all its movements and curves,” she says. “For Valentines, besides the different shapes of hearts which are a classic collection for love, I designed bracelets and pendants with words of love in Arabic like: Habibi, Hayati, Albi, Omri… What more can you give to your beloved one than your entire life…Hayati.”

At the end of the day it is a passionate, charming, genuine, and secure woman who wears Itani’s designs. “What she wants is a unique piece of jewelry, with a unique story created with a lot of passion,” explains Itani.