Fady Ferraye Gliding Into Light At B018

Fady Ferraye a man who needs no introduction will be back for the 4th time!
Headed back to the legendary B018, the one and only club where Fady partook in his 7-year-residency.
Many if not all House fans in Lebanon consider Fady as the pioneer of Progressive House and Techno sound in the Middle East.
With over 30 singles, 28 remixes 2 CD comps as well as being featured in 16 international CD comps, Fady is unquestionably the pro of all pros.

On July 27th 2011 Mission Commander Fady Ferraye along with Deputy Commander Ziad Ghosn will be in Beirut at B018 to take clubbers on an out of this world journey. In a series of Space Odyssey Events Fady Ferraye will be “Gliding Into Light”.

If you have not experienced a Fady Ferraye set now is the time. If you have then I am sure we will see you at B018 on the 27th for another unmatched performance.