Exclusive BeirutNightLife: Cosmic Gate “We are Pumped and Ready!!!”

Pumped to come to Beirut again, as all parties played in Beirut were really really good, and we are sure this one in the Forum de Beyrouth together with our friend John OO Flemming is gonna be even better. Nic and Bossi the evolvers of Cosmic Gate into one of the most creative and highly-sought-after electronic music acts in the world in an spoke in an exclusive interview with BeirutNightlife expressing their delight for the upcoming event.

Cosmic Gate added: “We are sure that the support and the love of the Lebanese crowd are going to be amazing. We have been receiving a lot of messages online from fans that are looking forward to the event, and so do we. It will definitely be one of our highlights together with Trance Energy in the coming spring month!!!”

Nic and Bossi also mentioned that every single gig they play is a challenge, as they want to have fun together on stage: “We seek to enjoy the gig with the crowd and always give 100 %, and so will we in Beirut, and we are sure that we will get 100 % response back from the crowd too, and we hope who ever is into electronic music will be there to join us on this fantastic party!!!”

The renowned DJ’s will play a long setin order to introduce a wide range of styles and Music. Several new tracks from compilation B2B4 we will be introduced, such as the brand new Single Barra, and new remixes such as “I see you”, that was mixed especially for the blockbuster movie (Avatar). Cosmic Gate will also introduce their classic tracks during the night.

Beirutnightlife.com along with the organizers of the event (POLIAKOV VODKA) have been following up and covering every aspect of the upcoming event., “We have seen the huge banners for the event and realized that every aspect of the event is treated highly professional from both the organization and also the sponsors side, good to have such partners that have the same visions that we have, to give 100 % and make it an unforgettable night,” said Nic and Bossi.

Cosmic Gate concluded with a message to Lebanon: “We hope to see you all on march 13th in the Forum de Beyrouth for a night to rememeber, join us in our love and passion for electronic music, and let’s make it a historic night!!!!”