Exclusive BeirutNightLife.com: Keith Thompson ‘It’s gonna be a great night’

“The buzz around the upcoming show is so strong I can feel it all the way over here in New York. I hear it’s the biggest show of it’s kind in the region.” said Keith Thompson in an exclusive interview with BeirutNightLife.com.

Keith Thompson, the mastermind behind ‘Break For Love’ and ‘Show Them Love’ will be hosting the NRJ MUSIC TOUR on Saturday November 6th at the Forum de Beyrouth.  The NRJ MUSIC TOUR 2010 for the first time ever in Lebanon, this Nov. 6, 2010 Forum De Beyrouth will host 13 international artists including Akcent, Supafly Inc, Debi Nova, Pedro Cazanova & Andrea, Greg Parys, Maria Mena, Serge Devant & Hadley , Tom Boxer & Alexandra & Marc Diamonds, Agnes, Ricky L & M CK and many more.

Keith added: “I’m honored and a little surprised since I didn’t think I had releases that were popular in Lebanon this year. But hey, don’t get me wrong, I’m really glad to be part of it. The buzz around it so strong I can feel it all the way over here in New York. I hear it’s the biggest show in the region. So, I know it’s going to be a great night.”

The first of its kind show will include a complete entertainment program including a phenomenal light and laser show, set on an epic stage, pumped with the highest quality sound that will literally blow you away!

Keith also stated he will be giving his all, “But I think I might just explode based on how excited I am to perform. I perform a lot in clubs on small stages or even atop the bar but I’m really suited for a proper stage where I can dance and move crowd. My focus is going to be to lift that crowd to a higher, memorable level.”

K.D. told BeirutNightLife.com that he will be performing “Break 4 Love” an international love anthem and “Show Them Love” an anthem in Lebanon and much of the Middle East, “Well, each artist is slated only to do two songs maximum since there will be 13 of them in total. And now with my upcoming release, “Beirut Is On Fire” building up such strong support from fans and you at BeirutNightLife.com by publishing the lyrics, I know I’ve got to do this song as a wrap up. I feel blessed that it’s getting so popular before it is even released. It feels like it may become an anthem at least in Beirut.

The multi talented K. D. Thompson, producer/singer-songwriter/DJ, brings you one more hit titled ‘Beirut is on Fire’: “On one of the many times I was in Beirut, I think back in 2008, I was at White and DJ Bob who produced “Show Them Love”, was playing a track and I just started singing that famous line, “The roof, the roof is on fire…” etc Then I changed it to Beirut, Beirut, is on fire.” We both thought it would be a great idea to develop. But I had been so busy touring and producing other projects since than I never got a chance to do it. DJ Bob and I spoke this past summer about finally completing it then coincidentally, a few weeks later I was contacted to perform at the NRJ Music Tour. So it was the perfect encouragement to get the song done. It’s gonna be a hot night at the Form De Beyrouth! One we won’t soon forget. See you there!”

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