De kuyper Liqueur’s diner party on the occasion of launching two new flavors:”De Kuyper Mango” and “De Kuyper Sour Grapefruit.”

De Kuyper Royal Distillers, represented by the Area Export Manager Mr. Sowady LOR,and Nexty sarl (part of Fawaz Holding) had the pleasure to host their clients and the media representatives during a dinner party held on the 15th of July 2010 at Sun7, on the occasion of the launching of De Kuyper’s new flavors:”De Kuyper Mango” and “ De Kuyper Sour Grapefruit.”

The diner was animated by Mr.Martin Baan, De Kuyper’s International Brand Ambassador, who created several cocktails, using De kuyper’s flavours.

In the liqueur premium segment, De Kuyper is the world market leader, outselling its nearest rival 2 to 1.
With its top two selling flavours (Mandarine Napoleon and De Kuyper Peachtree) along with 37 others covering all essential taste directions for instance Pino Colada and Country Lane, De Kuyper is considered to be by far, the broadest liqueur program offered by one single house.

De Kuyper’s products are manufactured at 4 production sites: two in Holland, one in the USA (where all products are manufactured for the American market) and one in Canada – Montreal (mainly for distilling Genever Gin).

In more than 100 countries worldwide, people appreciate the excellent qualities of the De Kuyper liqueur assortment. In its professional use in the bar, the cocktail liqueur range is an essential and indispensable component.

The recipes of the liqueurs are the secret of De Kuyper. The distillers at De Kuyper owe it to their vast knowledge and their proven recipes which are continuously being developed and refined. Their liqueurs, not only, have always inspired confidence in their products at the highest level, but have also satisfied international and current tastes throughout the world.