Dancing in the Sky- Rooftops in Beirut

White: Pulsing Angel in the Skies of Beirut

White is like Beirut…pulsing with energy, oozing with style, attracting one of the most cosmopolitan crowds this side of the Mediterranean. The rooftop restaurant & lounge, located a top Beirut’s iconic Al Nahar building, invites guests to soak in the finest fusion cuisine, the sassiest beats and its trademark 180 o seafront views. As night falls, the decks at White bring their own surprises to the mix, hosting a who’s-who lineup of world famous acts and international DJs who come to rock the house.

White is one of the best experiences in the heat of the night, when the ambience, views and music conspire to dazzle your senses. For those wanting to live Beirut’s most exuberant season, only one place is high enough to take it all in. It is an Angel in the skies of the B-City pulsing with top of the notch events and clubbing experience.

Beiruf: Who said the sky is the limit!!???

Turning Beirut clubbing scene upside down, the rooftop attraction next to Beirut’s port is one of the most prestigious locations in town. This trendy rooftop bar presents the best of events with series of Retro music, International DJ’s, famous singers and names we have all asked for. On one side a dazzling view of the sea and on the other side its Beirut by night.

The unique location of Beiruf makes it impossible to miss. Driving towards Dora, or coming back from the same area, you will have to pass by Beiruf and see the star in the sky with the laser shows and lighting. Who said the sky is the limit, with Beiruf you have no limits to fly.