Create a Beautiful Smile

A beautiful smile can light up dark room. It can launch ships. It can win confidence, start friendships or charm the heart of prospective romantic interests. If the eyes are the gateway to the soul, the smile is its ambassador – our smile is most genuine way of issuing a welcome, and the more attractive the smile, the better that invitation will be received. But let’s face it – like any aspect of beauty, it takes more than just good intentions to let your inner beauty shine through your smile. There are cosmetic factors too. And in nature, a truly lovely smile can be hard to find.

Luckily, in the modern day and age, medical technology has gone a long way in making up for nature’s shortcomings. Through revolutionary new techniques in Dental Cosmetics, a rapidly growing field, teeth, gums and even musculature can be touched up to give you that glowing smile you’ve always wanted.

The first factor to weigh is teeth. Three out of four subjects polled agree that your teeth make a significant impression during first encounters, and that bad teeth can negatively impact your likelihood to secure business or personal relationships in the short term. For this reason, techniques such as reconstructive surgery, dental straightening, dental implants and even crown lengthening – the medical term for lengthening your teeth – can aid in both professional and interpersonal success.

One revolutionary technique for a beautiful smile is the laser treatment, which has proved to be the safest and most effective method for teeth whitening. The procedure is usually done with low intensity lasers. It uses light to enhance the affects of gels and other whitening chemicals. This speeds up the whitening process and shortens the length of time you have to use the nasty tasting gels.

Another cosmetic laser treatment is treatment for gums that grow over healthy tooth tissue. This treatment exposes healthy hard dental tissue for a prettier less gummy smile. By making simple incisions above the crown – literally cutting away bits of tissue – crowns can be permanently extended for a fuller, more complete grin. There are a variety of reasons to do this, some which are cosmetic and some because it is healthier for the teeth.  Other laser treatments worth mentioning, is ability to remove conditions such as cold sores, which can sometimes be embarrassing and benign tumors.

A great advantage about cosmetic laser treatment is that there is anxiety, pain, bleeding, and risk of infection, it will only brighten your smile, and make you more confident.

Other cosmetics dental procedure include porcelain veneers, which is actually coating teeth with a synthetic enamel which both protects the teeth and gives them a special radiant sheen.

For more serious cases, such as crooked or missing teeth, there are a range of cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries available. Many practitioners and patients now opt for dental implants to fill in for missing teeth, and the practice is both tried and successful in the vast majority of cases. For more minor cases, teeth can be ground or polished as a patient dictates for a more refined, elegant shape.

In all cases, the rule of thumb with cosmetic dentistry is that the practice is what you make of it. No smile, no matter how expensive, can carry true beauty unless the heart, and sentiment, behind it is genuine. In all cases, it is important to consult with your surgeon about possible risks and side effects, and asses your full range of options before deciding on the cosmetic practice for you.

Dr. Anthony Rahayel is a practicing general dentist and international lecturer and a dental consultant regarded for his comprehensive and entertaining style. Always seeking the latest methods of dentistry, Dr. Rahayel shares his know-how and knowledge at the Lebanese University, Faculty of Medicine.  Contact Dr. Rahayel at