Cocoa Cappuccino – Seasonal Beverage to Celebrate 40 Years of Starbucks

To celebrate its 40th Anniversary, Starbucks has announced the introduction of a new seasonal beverage, ‘Cocoa Cappuccino’ and a special edition ‘Tribute Blend’ coffee now available in the Middle East and North Africa. The new offerings which is available across all Starbucks Middle East locations until 25th April 2011, pay tribute to Starbucks’ exemplary coffeehouse culture and affirms the warm connections formed between stores and coffee lovers throughout the world.

Cocoa Cappuccino elevates the espresso line-up with a twist on an old favourite, the regular cappuccino. Launched globally across fifty three markets, each quality cup is made following Starbucks’ methods of excellence to surprise and delight customers. Featuring fresh caramel espresso with bittersweet mocha sauce, steamed milk and a thick layer of silky foam, Cocoa Cappuccino, served hot or cold, offers the perfect balance between the bold flavour of the espresso and the rich sweetness of mocha – resulting in a perfect drink for spring.

The Tribute Blend is a new whole bean coffee blend offering for the spring season. The bold, spicy blend celebrates the unique coffee heritage of Starbucks by combining the highest quality coffee beans from across four renowned coffee producing nations; Colombia Narino, Papua New Guinea, Aged Sumatra and Sun-dried Ethiopia. The rich body of this unique blend of coffee beans can be paired with berries, herbed dishes, cinnamon, maple and toffee.

Rana Shaheen, Regional Communications and CSR Manager at Starbucks MENA said: “The 40th Anniversary of Starbucks is best commemorated with these very special and unique new products. Not only is the Cocoa Cappuccino a new twist on the regular favourite of the cappuccino, but its bold flavours are ideal as a new spring beverage. The Tribute Blend marks forty years of rich coffee heritage which only Starbucks can deliver. As always, ensuring coffee excellence is of the utmost importance for Starbucks, these limited edition offerings will only serve to reinforce our ethos and culture in enhancing the coffee experience all year round.”