Christmas Sex Ideas To Relieve Stress

I am sure that almost everyone has had their fair share of holiday stress; whether it’s related to traffic, family, work, shopping, money, friends, dinners, or the combination of all of them; we are all in dire need of finding any way possible to de-stress a little before we blow up.

One of those ways is the eternal problem and solution for everything: SEX!
You probably already know that sex is a great tension reliever, but have you officially thought of it as a stress-relieving practice? Sadly, the more stressed you are, the less you think about having sex.
With all the activity and bustle of the holiday season, instead of finding reasons (barriers) not to have sex, try to make those barriers a sexy motive that will surely spice up your sex life with your partner.

Stay in bed and out of traffic with these holiday sex ideas:

Silence is Key: When all your family is around for dinner perhaps, they will surely all be engaging in noisy conversations, arguments, and/or laughter. It is very enticing to be able to separately excuse yourselves from the seating area and go to an available room with your partner for some quick sex, without making anyone doubtful. Not only is it adventurous and forbidden, but the naughtiness of it will make your secret sex amazing. Remember to be silent!

Stuffing the Stocking: During cold nights, whether you’re sleeping in the city or in the mountains, try to find a warm sleeping bag that you and your partner can both fit into. The closer and the tighter, the better! Try any sex position that the space will allow. Who knows? You might discover some new ones while you’re at it!

The Naughty Santa: Getting dressed up in a Santa Claus costume is a great idea! Him: In a pair of red boxers and a Santa hat. Her: Wearing red lingerie and red garters and a nice frilly or furry scarf. Make it all a bit mysterious by wearing blind folds. Not being able to see will intensify your sexual experience and make it very sensual.

The Candy Shop: Whoever said that candy canes were only meant to be hung and served to guests? Get a box of candy canes from almost any supermarket (minty of course). After getting naked and after licking the candy canes, take turns in making traces with them across each others’ bodies. When you’re done, follow the traces with your mouth – no one knows where you might end up!

Oh Christmas Tree: Decorations don’t have to stay on the tree! You can get super kinky with all the strings, bows, and everything else that you can tie up each others’ hands and legs with. Keep them on while you switch positions!

Remember: Always have safe and responsible sex!

Enjoy your holidays!