BT App – One of Kind App in Lebanon for Ipad Lovers

Benchmark provides Beirut Terraces, its local landmark with a truly global address: on the App Store!

Yet again, Beirut Terraces taps into the 6th sense of the younger generation, hungry for innovation and originality with its new BT App. The customized application is the first Ipad application developed for a real estate project, locally and regionally, unveiling the various aspects of Beirut Terraces by the touch of a finger; providing individuals with exclusive access to the exquisite lifestyle of the project through a unique experience of their own.

Downloading it is free. And is available under various keywords such as Beirut Terraces, Benchmark, Herzog & de Meuron, Real Estate Lebanon and Solidere. The opening page is the breathtaking view of the tower, with several areas to explore.

Tap on residences and it will take you to an abstract elevation of the building, offering 25 residential floors, a ground floor, a lower ground floor and 5 parking levels. Given the complexity of the offering, the application allows you to navigate through 25 different floor configurations, and 130 different apartment plans, while providing imbedded a filtration option that assists you to search by number of rooms, and sellable areas in square meters.

To help picture yourself in this undeniably unique vertical village, a photo gallery takes you on a tour of the buildings’ various experiences, and promises to provide you later with more.

If you chose to take it one step further, you have the option to further download the animated video encapsulating the Architects’ vision, its concept, structure and appearance, shaped by both awareness and respect for the city.  Zooming into the Solidere district, the animation highlights the fine detailing of the project, wand focus on the concerted orchestration of decent materials and vertical landscaping, stemming from a luxurious yet conscious energy-saving and environmentally-friendly approach.

A closer look at the building, the masterpiece accredited to Swiss Architects Herzog & de Meuron, is loyal to the five principles it is founded on: inside-outside, layers and terraces, vegetation and architecture, views and privacy, light and identity. The result is a vertically layered building expressed by diverse configurations of slabs fostering both openness and privacy and extending flexible living from inside to outside.

iPad lovers can now add another application to their private collection by simply downloading the ‘BT App’ from the Apple Store, to  later share it with friends and family at their own time.

The application serves as a personal navigation tool of the tower, its concept, its features and idiosyncrasies; simply an interactive brochure that may even surprise you with new additions, if kept up-to date on the BT innovations.