Brut Opening

One of the newest high-end additions to the nightclub scene, right in the middle of monot where the thrill of the nightlife all started, Brut is the latest club for all you clubbaholics, who just can’t get enough! Brut wants’ to present to you a new clubbing experience, and what we have in mind, will sweep you off your dancing feet!

Yes, it’s something new, innovative, with funky abstract interior designing, catered both for your comfort and pleasure. Although there is no formal dinner menu, Brut is also not a hardcore “underground house-music” kind of place. Doors swing open at 11:00, and an outpouring of all kinds of music will be playing from house to R&B and commercial music.

The people bringing Brut to you have put a lot of thought into opening this place. With the awareness that many people are getting easily bored with the nightclub scene, Brut is hoping that it has brought to you a place, which is exactly what the average clubber is looking for: Good music, a great atmosphere and nights you won’t forget!

It’s gona be BRUTal !