BNL’s Guide to the Perfect Christmas Gifts

One week left for Santa to come down your chimney… ok no chimney? He will find a way… this is not the issue – the real issue is will he be getting you what you really want! Will his big red bag be filled with all your hearts desires…? We go through a few gift ideas that will make everyone you love super happy this Christmas…

The Shoe Lover

Some of us have a thing for shoes… buying and buying… Go for something new and different. Something they liked but couldn’t get for themselves. A pair of shoes maybe from Christian Louboutin for her and a pair of amazingly stylish Tod’s for him…

Credit-Card Case

Almost all of us have credit and debit cards. They are always lost in our huge bags… A good idea would be to get her a bright colored credit card case that she will never lose.

Phone Case

We all have a phone, well at least most of us… there are some cool covers out there for your Blackberry’s or iPhones. Marc Jacobs have some really nice ones. Perfect for both men and women.

A Tablet Case

Your iPads have their own accessories these days… not having one for yours is like not owning a Jacket. Ok maybe not so dramatic. But the collection of tablet cases out there is so big.

Gift Cards

Today, the best gift you can give is a gift card. This year we see the launch of Qanz Card from Azadea and the gaining popularity of ABC’s gift cards. The cards come in different amounts. Your loved ones can get whatever they want. ABC has a range of brands and you can check out Azadea’s brands that include Zara, Promod, MaxMara and so much more.

Perfect Shades

Everyone needs a pair of shades to stay cool and of course protect their eyes. Find the perfect match for your loved ones.

A Great Book

A lot of us collect books and some collect photos. B Lebanon ( is a perfect choice. It’s a great gift combining both passions. Perfect for as a coffee table book, great for opening discussions with over 700 images of Lebanon’s nights…

A Classic Bracelet

A subtle but striking piece of jewelry is what she needs… Something from Louis Vuitton, Tiffany&Co

The Personalized

Some of us have it all. What do you get someone who does… a great idea I think something from the silk experts at Hermes would be ideal. After choosing from colors and patterns, you write a personal message to the man who’ll unwrap that tie on Christmas. The note will be discreetly sewn with ribbon to the back.

A Car Collector

This year’s limited-edition 500, with the Italian brand’s iconic red-and-green bands down the side. Very stylish.

A Nice Perfume

Although some may consider this a boring gift but I think you can show your loved one that you know them well by choosing the best scent that suits them.

The Stylish Man

It’s nice to accessorize, even if you’re a man. Not the gold necklace please, but something trendier… A new line from Mo Khadra would be a nice choice.