Around the World: Billionaire Bodrum an Avant Premiere Elite Experience


Spending 48 hours in Bodrum with elit by Stolichnaya couldn’t be anything less than a real elite experience.

Reached the city Saturday afternoon, checked-in at the lovely Palma Life hotel and resort, the room was nothing less than a 3 bedroom villa with a Sky Pool for a relaxing sunset swim, before moving to the lounge for a dry martini glass to open our appetite at their lovely Italian restaurant with some nice Chilly Sauvignon Blanc. It is 11:00PM and time to prepare for the party, and head to Bodrum city, where we had a nice bars hopping at this lovely area/streets, Mandalin is one of the craziest places for live music lovers, while we watched the Catamaran board with its hundred of clubbers deep inside the sea for a night to remember. For us, the choice was different, as we couldn’t resist living life like Billionaires and heading to the recently opened Falvio’s Briatore Billionaires club Bodrum.

Billionaire Club Bodrum is located inside the new luxurious PALMARINA Island, which is also home to renown Cipriani Restaurant

and authentic Sait Restaurant offering the combination of fine cuisine and after-dinner entertainment. This is where we partied on that night. A full house party, with nice lovely music that you don’t regularly hear in Dubai’s clubs, mixed with some nice Turkish tracks that makes you move and dance to its lovely beats. The place was crazy, full of elite locals and tourists, millionaires, billionaires, you name them. They were all partying in style. What impressed me, the dress code, you don’t have to be fully dressed, but nice and glamourous wearing would makes you more than welcome. Some elit by Stolichnaya vodka in the blood made us discover the real glamourous clubbing experience of Turkey, we partied till 4:30AM and still wanted for more, as the place location by the sea, the crowd, the music, and the people we’ve met there, couldn’t make us feel less than welcomed.

Headed to experience what Turkish people do after the party before they party again, breakfast and their traditional “SHORBA” (Soup) places.

It was just the warm up, as we came all the way to Bodrum to party at Billionaire for their Final sunset pool party before the month of Ramadan, and so club there. But who can spot CIPRIANI and not go there for lunch before the party? Yes, after a nice morning at the resort and spending a great time at the beach. CIPRIANI was the place, personally cannot resist that place, their food is delicious, from their lovely fresh bresaola melon starters, to their beef filet, pizzas or pastas. Just one thing was disapointing is that they don’t serve their steak tartare at Bodrum due to the summer hot weather, which is the best steak tartare in the world (full seperate review will be coming soon). After having our tummies full, with great food, walked to the Billionaire Pool to start the party. Lovely lounge music played by resident Mert, elit by Stolichnaya vodka with some soda water, was the best treat to enjoy the sunset, before DJ Sabrina take over the decks and put the sunset experience into a shaking one, where girls found dancing by their seats, in the pool, or the bar. Her set was welcomed by the turks, and made us look forward for how the party will be at night.

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