BeirutStudentLife: Your College Major is your Future

High school is almost over and your next academic step is college. Besides finding a college which suits your personal situation (financial, location…), choosing your major should be your main concern. This sounds quite interesting; however, this is not an easy step to take. You might be happy to experience college life and start a new chapter but you cannot disregard the fact that choosing the suitable major is a key to your future success.

It is somehow frustrating to figure out, after commencing your studies in your major, that this is NOT the major you want. At that point, you have to choose between dropping your major and starting all over again or get stuck in a major which does not fit you, and thus bearing its negative consequences later on at work.

Through this article, we will provide you with guidelines which aid in making a proper decision.

Step 1 – Self Assessment:
It is important to gather information about yourself. You should have a clear understanding of your interests, weaknesses, strength, personality, skills and abilities.
Defining your current status helps you know where you stand and what you’re capable of doing.

Step 2 – Define your goals:
Here you have to answer the following questions: What is your dream job? And where do you see yourself working in ten years?

Step 3 – Explore your options:
Now that you know who you are and what are your goals, read the college catalogue to learn more about the college itself and the majors it is offering.
It is also highly recommended to get help from an advisor who will be providing you with all the information you need about your major and about the future careers of the chosen major. In addition, talking to alumni who already completed their majors is preferable since they know the pros and cons of this specific major and their experience might help you for the next step.

Step 4 – Make your decision:
After going through all the steps above, you should be able to choose the major which fits you well.

However, if you seem interested in more than one major, do not ignore the option of completing a minor in parallel with your major or even having a double major.

Your major is your future. Know about it, learn about it and enjoy discovering it.

Have a great college life.