Brings You the Official Lebanese Top 20!

BNLer’s are you ready for another week full of music? I hope so because the Official Lebanese Top 20 is here!
The relative calm on the Official Lebanese Top 20 continues this week with only a couple of New Entries to report. On Top of the listings, and after 2 weeks at #1, George El Rassi is replaced at the top spot by Moussa another Lebanese singer from Beirut with his latest single “Asfour El Douri“. Moussa was the week’s guest on the Radio Show edition of OLT20 and he told us all about his latest activities and projects..

The 2 New Entries of the week are “I Cry” from Californian Rapper Flo Rida at #15, and “She Wolf (Falling To Pieces)” from French DJ David Guetta featuring Australian singer Sia on vocals. It is also worth noting the substantial jump of American Rock band Linkin Park with “Lost In The Echo” as they jump 6 notches to this week’s #12. The calm before the storm?? What’s going to happen on OLT20 next week?

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