Beirut World Cup Fan Park: Ultimate Destination to watch WC2010 in Lebanon

It is the ultimate destination to watch, the arguably second biggest sports tournament in the world if not the number one, FIFA World Cup 2010 games. You can watch it now in style, you can live the hype just by visiting one of the biggest locations to have ever been placed in Lebanon the Beirut World Cup Fan Park with official sponsors such as Solidere, Adidas, and Sony and many more.

The 5000 sqm football fan park will be the attraction in the B-City during the international tournament. With two separated locations for soccer fanatics to enjoy the games, crowds will sure live the heat of Africa from the Solidere New Water Front. The location is divided into two main parts, the Stadium and the Premium booths where you can be totally spoiled.

The huge Stadium with two mega screens, grand seating, special sound system that DJ’s dream of having, and special sound and visual effects are just small ad-ons for soccer fans. The stadium is also air conditioned with proper ventilation, as well as top security and safety measures in the venue. And what is soccer without a proper drink and a snack, the venue includes Costa, Krispy Kreme, Buskin Robins, Dominos, a special mouth watering Hot Dog Stand, as well as the usual popcorn, and Natchos. Do not forget the tailored made entertainment that will force you to dance on the world cup beats in between half-times and they will make sure to cheer with you during the game. Parking spaces are available, free gaming area of Play Station, PSP games, Air Hockey and a lot more. All of this and more with $10 U.S entrance fee on the doors.

The Premium BOOM BOOM seating is another story in this venue. Spoil yourself, watch the games in style. Special Booths and private lounges with more than one screen, a huge bar with special catering serving different cuisines of Sushi, Salads, appetizers, and drinks.  You can enjoy the lazy bean bags or the high tables to watch two giant screens especially installed for you, with a special entertainment fashion show in between half-times. Do not forget the live daily coverage from Future TV and NRJ and the competitions. The venue also includes for the first time ever 3-D screens to simply run along the field with KAKA, Podolski, or Ronaldo. The premium section is by reservation only, simply call 70297979 and book your lounge and get your tickets. An entrance fee of 25,000 L.L or a minimum charge of 20,000 L.L per table, don’t forget to give your car to the valet parking.

Now again, Where are you going to watch the games!!???