Beirut The Only Way It Should Be: Weekly Recap July 14th-17th

With Lebanon being a prime location for nightlife, it is difficult to keep up with all events and happenings during the week. Every Thursday BNL supplies readers with a weekly “Ignite The Night To Do List” but we understand it is almost impossible to attend every event. With that being said we hope our weekly Wednesday article,“Beirut The Way It Should Be Weekly Recap”, will give you an idea and a look into the events you may have missed. Be sure to click article links or photos for full stories including galleries of photos and video footage. Enjoy your week Lebanon!


Basement in the sky at Sun 7 July 14th: Thursday night guests who visited Sun 7 at  the Palm Beach Hotel enjoyed the musical stylings of Jade while relaxing among  friends enjoying the sunset from the sky. (Click for full story with photo gallery) 






Steve Angello at White July 14th: A red carpet was rolled out in front of White Beirut  to welcome guests into the pure white space. At 1:30 lights dimmed and clubbers put  their hands together for the DJ, producer, record label owner and member of the  Swedish House Mafia. Steve interacted with the crowd well and partied all  night. (Click for full story with photo gallery)





World Top Models at Beiruf July 14th: BNL can always be found at Beiruf on  Thursday nights because the rooftop doesn’t disappoint. This week Radio One DJ’s  were spinning their sets while Wold Top Models became one with the crowd. (Click  for full story with photo gallery)






30 Seconds To Mars at Byblos Festival July 15th: The streets of Byblos were as busy  as ever. Rock enthusiasts from all over Lebanon gathered in Byblos to catch  American Rock band 30 Seconds To Mars perform live for the first time ever in  Lebanon. 30 Seconds To Mars rocked to a sold out crowd, playing hits off of their  albums “This is War” and “A Beautiful Lie”. Jared, Shannon, Tomo and crew invited  the crowd to jump onstage to fully experience a 30STM gig. This was a night for the  books! (Click for full story with photo gallery and live video footage) 




Ke$ha at Pier 7 July 16th: Glittery, fun loving, potty mouthed, blonde bombshell  Ke$ha performed live for fans at Pier 7. Ke$ha brought along two grunge rocker  style male dancers, to hype up the crowd for the killer performance. Partygoers had  the chance to hear most of Ke$ha’s hit singles live from just a few feet away.  Another surprise that was released by Pier 7 was that starting that night Canadian  DJ Jack Sleiman (formally The Godfather) will be a new resident DJ. (Click for full  story with photo gallery)





Sunday Beach Party at Riviera July 17th: Everyday and all summer long Riviera has  an event for Lebanon to enjoy. This past Sunday the DJ kicked off the day with  lounge music and continued to grow into dance beats by mid-day. The resort is open  everyday. It is time to relax.(Click for full story with photo gallery)






Sun-Sual at Rikky’z July 17th: Ice-Watch partnered up with Rikky’z to host a BBQ  party that  will not be soon forgotten. Fully equipped with Ice-Watch give aways,  BBQ buffets,  drinks, VIP booths full of celebrity and elite and killer music by DJ  JoJo. Top  Models 2011 joined in the daytime festivities interacting with partygoers.  I wouldn’t  miss the next Ice-Watch event at Rikky’z, mark your calendars for July  31st.(Click  for full story with photo gallery)