Baume & Mercier Capeland Shelby® Cobra Collection: Limited Edition


In every life, there are rare moments that define who we truly are, and what we have set out to accomplish. Marked by emotion, passion and pride, these are far more than a time to remember.

They are timeless in every regard, destined to live on forever as witness to the triumph of human will and spirit.

Celebrating such moments has been the raison d’être of Baume & Mercier since our founding in 1830. From our first handcrafted timepiece to our present day collection, each reflects our unyielding belief that marking the passage of time is about more than minutes and hours. A Baume & Mercier watch is chosen by its owner because it reflects a unique aspect of life’s richest memories. A symbol worn with pride, because it communicates an individual spirit all its own.

Today, we are pleased to share a new celebration, and a new partnership. 50 years ago, automotive legend Carroll Shelby achieved a victory that would change the course of international racing forever: the 1965 FIA International Championship of GT Manufacturers. In doing so, Shelby would not only restore American racing prestige, but bring his greatest creation to world attention: the iconic Cobra.

Together with the Carroll Shelby Company, Baume & Mercier is proud to honor Carroll’s legend with limited edition Capeland timepieces that capture his most enduring triumph. Inspired by the vintage 1948 mono-push-piece chronograph in the Baume & Mercier museum, our Capeland Shelby®

Cobra is distinguished by its retro accents, classic lines, chronograph and tachymeter functions, polished and satin finished case and specially crafted hands featuring the Cobra logo. It is unparalleled elegance injected with pure snake venom.

This is where the story begins.