Baroud issued a circular closure during the elections

Lebanese Ministry of Interior issued a circular closure related to the cafes, restaurants and nightclubs during the electoral process stating that “on the occasion of holding the municipal elections in all provinces require all governors to take the necessary measures for the closure of restaurants and nightclubs, as follows:

1 – The Closing of nightclubs (Night Club) Only on Saturday evening preceding each election period.

2 – The Closing of cafes and restaurants just for one hour after midnight on Saturday preceding each election period.

On the other hand ,the Minister of Interior and Municipalities, Ziad Baroud, held a security meeting an extensive assigned to follow up security measures and the measures taken for the safety of the process election will be held on Tuesday, April 20, 2010 at one pm in the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities.

Nick Warren & Hernan Cattaneo historical event has been moved to La MARINA Joseph Khoury (Dbayeh) after issuing this circular. With this first outdoor and indoor venue at La MARINA Joseph Khoury (Dbayeh), the venue will include a huge 15m height tent brought over especially to Lebanon for this historic night and an outdoor set up overlooking the unmatched magical setting by the sea of La MARINA Joseph Khoury (Dbayeh).

This event will be the first outdoor event of the season, thus making Poliakov Events as usual the pioneers in launching big events for all seasons. The new setup that has been moved from Forum De Beyrouth is expected to be the first of its kind with a humungous tent set especially for Progressive House music addicts with a sea view to make it not only a historical night but a special one as well. The tent is described as an indoor outdoor venue taking into consideration any risk of having a rainy night to protect crowds from getting wet.

The event is expected to gather crowds from from all over Lebanon, the region and the world to witness the history making for the first time in Lebanon, The Two Absolute Progressive House Masters for one night in Lebanon. YES WE WILL PARTY TILL THE MORNING!!!