Bank Audi Launches the ABC MasterCard Card

In yet another landmark achievement, Bank Audi has announced the launch of the Bank Audi ABC MasterCard Credit Card, Lebanon’s first co-branded card offered by a bank in collaboration with a prominent shopping mall.

The new card was unveiled during an event held at Les Jardins de la Villa Audi at Sofil on Thursday, September 27, in the presence of key executives from the three institutions, including Mr. Samir Hanna, Group CEO of Bank Audi sal – Audi Saradar Group, Mr. Robert Fadel, Chairman & CEO of ABC malls and Mr. Michael Miebach, President, Middle East and Africa, MasterCard Worldwide.

Samir Hanna seized the occasion to emphasize that “Bank Audi has been a leader in technological innovations and advanced payment solutions for many years”, adding: “The collaboration with ABC and MasterCard has resulted in a revolutionary new product which offers the latest technology in a card designed to meet our customers’ needs.”

As for Robert Fadel, he said: “Ever since 1936, innovation has been an integral part of the development of ABC who always seeks to evolve with the Lebanese society. Today, we are announcing the next chapter in our ongoing development: stepping into the consumer finance business, because we understand our customers and their needs. As Lebanese consumers evolve towards new consumer behaviour, we offer our clients and potential clients the possibility of benefiting from credit facilities (we are the first to offer 0% interest over a period of 3 months), in addition to the benefits of ABC’s loyalty program which has become the leading retail loyalty program in Lebanon, introducing the newest technology of contactless payment.

Today’s event is not a mere credit card launch: this product was developed to offer our customers a unique added value because they are our first priority.”

“The newly launched card is a one of a kind payment solution in Lebanon, and the first card in the market to take cardholders’ shopping experience to the next level”, stated Randa Bdeir, Group Head of Electronic Banking and Cards Services at Bank Audi. She added: “Indeed, the Bank Audi ABC MasterCard Credit Card provides cardholders with unmatched privileges and distinct offers, in collaboration with a leading shopping destination. It also puts at their disposal the ground-breaking MasterCard PayPass technology that allows them to “Tap to Pay” when making small purchases, as well as interest-free payment flexibility on all purchases for any new collection available at ABC stores. Moreover, cardholders are entitled to a number of local and international privileges, and benefit from ABC’s generous loyalty program with its invitations to private sales, exclusive promotions and events, birthday gifts, free parking and much more, in addition to an exclusive 10% discount at France’s Galeries Lafayette and access to international fashion experiences.”

Commenting on the launch of the new card, Michael Miebach said: “We are delighted to collaborate with Bank Audi and ABC shopping mall to launch this new co-branded card that features MasterCard’s PayPass technology. MasterCard is currently leading the introduction of contactless payments across Middle East and Africa’s retail segment. With MasterCard’s PayPass technology, cardholders will have access to faster and secure payments every time they use their cards in merchant environments where speed is essential, such as retail stores, petrol stations, supermarkets and movie theatres.”

Basel Eltell highlighted that “The Bank Audi ABC MasterCard Credit Card simplifies and speeds up the checkout process, as cardholders simply have to tap their cards in front of a secure reader that accepts MasterCard PayPass payments. The launch of this card in collaboration with Bank Audi addresses the evolving needs of today’s shopper, as it not only makes the shopping experience more convenient but also provides value-added rewards and exclusive offers.”