On November 27th, Beirut is swapping nights with Bangkok, Buenos Aires is doing the same with Dublin, Sau Paolo will switch with Sydney, Toronto with Bangalore, Berlin’s moving to Cape Tow, Caracas is swapping with Warsaw, and Miami’s going to London. 14 cities will send the best features of their nightlife to their sister-city, creating an unprecedented cultural exchange between cities that are continents apart.

Beirut's Crate

Lebanon, Thailand, India, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Australia, Canada, the US, the UK, Ireland, Germany, Poland, and South Africa have all been chosen to fill up Smirnoff crates with all the best ideas their clubbers could come up with. Our crate was suspended several meters in the above b 018 and identical crates were located in the 13 other cities.

The endless possibilities and different combinations guarantee November 27th will be a historical night we can all look back to and say “I was there” or “That was my idea”.

The purely social-media oriented project allowed anyone over 18 to participate in this massive cultural exchange, with the ideas and suggestions being truly genuine and coming from the clubbers themselves, not the organizers.

Each country has its own curator, who helps organize the ideas and ships them off to the sister-city when it’s full. Our curator is maDJam, will be spinning in Beirut tomorrow. Thailand’s curator is none other than Montonn Jira who has toured with international superstars such as Justin Timberlake, Nelly Furtado and Depeche Mode. Montonn Jira (or Jay) was also part of one of the biggest concert event of all time, Live Earth 2007, will be rocking the house in Bangkok!

Bangkok's Crate

As if the event concept, the ideas, the cities and the excitement weren’t enough, the chosen Beirut venue is just as unique and amazing. The old location of Gallery Vivre near Aishti seaside will host the Thai-version of clubbing. The industrial, underground and artsy location will enhance tomorrow’s experience, with the Smirnoff team hard at work round the clock to get all the details perfect for tomorrow.

So, make sure you log on to to know more. See you all there!