Zikmu: A Blend of Design and Acoustics

Zikmu is a daring blend of design and acoustics. The wiresless Hi-Fi speakers by Philipp Starck combines iPhone docking station, Bluetooth streaming from your Mac/PC and mobile phone, Wi-Fi audio streaming from PC and Mac, 100 What RMS speakers with immersive sound transmitted at 360deg, Trebble and mid range sound reproduced from an NXT panel on top part of the speakers, Bass  sound reproduced from the bottom part of the speakers and a remote control.

Parrot has gone for an uncompromising 100% digital design. A 200 MIPS processor inside each speaker decompresses the signal and delivers the music over the three channels without any need for analogue splitter.

A system simply has to offer 100% compatibility with existing interconnection standards, WiFi and Bluetooth. The main technique for reproducing the music is stereo, which has the effect of fleshing out the space. It makes you feel as though you are sitting in front of a pianist in a concert hall.

This wonderful design product is found in different colors to fit your mood or house interior: classic black, sorbet lime, Arctic white, pearl grey and dragon red.