X-Ray: 115 Years Old

115 years ago today, the x-Ray was invented by the German physics professor Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen. Google dedicated it’s homepage to celebrate the invention of x-rays.  Going back in time and realizing how technology started is fascinating.  We still use it today.

X-rays are a form of electromagnetic radiation. They basically penetrate solid matter and are used to make the inside contents of objects visible. It is commonly believed that X-rays are not visible, but they are actually faintly visible to the dark-adapted naked eye.

X-rays are a form of radiation and it is not good to be exposed to x-rays and other radiation. Therefore the use of x-rays should be limited to the bare necessities. The habit of many dentists for example to take x-rays every time a patient comes into the clinic is not very good. X-rays are very useful for all kinds of medical procedures and operations. Without x-rays it is often impossible to properly diagnose for example bone fractures.