The gadget that turns your iPhone into a TV remote control

iPhone owners are already getting phone calls, directions and music on their iPhones, but how about changing the channel on the TV?

One company has made it possible, allowing anyone to turn their iPhone or other Apple product into a universal remote.

The ST-URB1 plugs into the headphone jack of recent Apple devices – including the iPhone, iPad and iPad mini – and works with Satechi’s RemoteBean app.
The app guides a user around their home, producing easy instructions on how to synch the mechanism with a TV, stereo or cable box.

RemoteBean is available in the iTunes store, but won’t work without the plug-in.

The universal remote device is on sale on Satechi’s website for $25.
Satechi already boasts products that can change any iOS device into laser pointers, as well as accessories like charges, holders and speakers.

It’s just the latest example of a company forming a partnership with Apple to deliver more high-tech products with the help of the tech giant’s products.