The five coolest, most useful iPhone cases on the planet

We have got the perfect plan to keep your little Apple device looking sharper than a Swiss Army knife, in the shape of these five mega-awesome, actually affordable cases.

01. Vans waffle sole case

A case matching the trendiest shoes walking UK streets right now. We can guarantee that this rubbery bad boy will keep your iPhone looking suave even when the fifth generation makes an appearance.

02. Opena bottle opener case

Truly man’s best friend – this case may not be the prettiest, but when you get the dreaded thirst, it’ll come right into its own. No more rooting through draws or chipping away at park benches, you’ll have your bottle opener at arms length at all times.

03. Charging case

Don’t be fooled by this case’s plain exterior, because it packs a serious techy punch. Not only does it act as a protective case but, thanks to an inbuilt Lithium-ion battery, it provides your phone with an additional 6-7 hours talk time, or a whopping 5 days of charge on standby.

04. TypeTop Bluetooth mini keyboard case

Perfect for the fat-of-thumb texter. Who needs a Macbook Pro or an iPad when you’ve got this mini keyboard case with Bluetooth? It will put anyone with the new iPhone to shame and keep your not-so-new-anymore phone looking top notch.

05. Griffin survivor military case

It may look bulky, but that’s because this case is pretty much indestructible. While your mates are fannying about with their new iPhone 5s, desperately trying not to damage the screen, you could be throwing your phone at theirs without getting so much as a scratch on it.

Have any of these made your Christmas list? Or have you found any cases cooler than our selection? Then let us know in the comments below!