Style and Technology on Your iPad

How does it feel to hold the Magsonic Grande Sonnerie Tourbillon in your hand? BVLGARI invites you to explore the Magsonic, Bulgari Gérald Genta Collection, a spectacular chiming timepiece from Bulgari’s master watchmakers. Now, thanks to our 3D interactive application for the iPhone and iPad, you can explore the patented Magsonic complication in a medium as close to reality as possible.

The unique app, available at the Apple App Store now, brings the Magsonic to life with remarkable accuracy. Each part is a stunningly conceived and executed digital replica of the original. The moving parts of the Tourbillon mechanism, the dial indicators and the hammers of the sonnerie are all activated by sophisticated software developed specifically for the App.

This specially developed application offers you a close-up-and personal opportunity to experience how it feels to own and use a Bulgari Masterpiece. The application replicates the Magsonic Grande Sonnerie with extreme accuracy. The high resolution 3D model allows a complete interaction with the watch functions as well as the possibility to explore it, up to the smallest mechanical details.

While interacting with the watch, it is possible to rotate the viewpoint in any direction and modify the zoom extents at the same time, as the whole environment is a virtual reconstruction based on the latest 3D real-time technologies.

The moving parts of the Tourbillon mechanism, the dial indicators and the hammers of the sonnerie are activated by a software system specifically developed for this application that elaborates the time flow and translates it into animations and melodies.

The sounds reproduced by this virtual watch are sampled from a real Magsonic and combined together to produce all the different notes sequences of the Westminster chimes while respecting the harmonic richness of the original watch.

The Magsonic original packaging is included in the application together with its fingerprint scanner, working mechanisms and light effects that will enrich this virtual experience  and surprise you with amazing details.

Other stunning details include the Magsonic’s original packaging, fingerprint scanner, working mechanisms and light effects. The four-hammer chime striking mechanism uses sounds sampled from the original Magsonic to produce the unique sequences of the Westminster chimes. The app responds to your intuitive movement: tilt or rotate your handheld device to view the Magsonic from any angle, zoom in or out with one fluid touch.

Please note that this application is optimized to run correctly on the following iOS devices:  iPhone 4G, Iphone 3Gs, iPod Touch 4G and iPod Touch 3G (32Gb and 64Gb only) with iOS 4.1 or later.