Sony Ericsson: Live With Walkman

Sony Ericsson unveiled its cutting-edge smartphone – the ‘Live With WalkmanTM’ – that seeks to integrate superior music capabilities with the most comfortable social networking experience.

Equipped with xLOUDTM, the latest technology invention from the Sony Ericsson labs produces excellent sound quality through its built-in stereo speakers, even at high volumes. The phone is also embedded with a ‘Media Discovery Application™’ that provides easy access to the world of music and videos on the web with just a click.

Rudiger Odenbach, General Manager, Middle East, Sony Ericsson, said: “Music and social networking are the most popular content on smartphones and Sony Ericsson’s ‘Live With WalkmanTM’ endeavors to bring both features together in an extremely conducive style. This ultimate entertainment package reaches out to our audiences with a 360 degree approach, offering the latest in music, social networking capabilities, media apps, operating system and hardware components. The Sony team understands music like no other having pioneered the first portable music player in 1979. There has been no looking back since then.”

‘Live With WalkmanTM’ also has Deep Facebook™ integration facility that allows users to instantly access the social networking site through the frequently used areas of the phone including the picture gallery, music player, phonebook and calendar.

The phone that runs on the latest Android platform, Gingerbread 2.3, sports an array of interesting features such as a 1 GHz processor, 3.2” screen, 5MP camera, VGA front facer for video calling, WiFi, Bluetooth and Live Sound Hi-Fi Tangle – free handset.

Available at leading electronic stores in Lebanon, the Sony Ericsson ‘Live with WalkmanTM’ is available in black and white colours.