Philips Sunrise Simulation wake-up light

As winter looms, the thought of getting-up early becomes ever-more unappealing.

Thankfully, Philips have developed an affordable, easy-to-use solution, that can take the pain away from those uncomfortable early starts.
Proven to help people get out of bed, the Sunrise Simulation wake-up light works by gradually increasing its light intensity throughout a 30 minute period.

Inspired by nature’s sunrise, the light starts a deep red before changing orange, and ending up a bright yellow.

The light has 20 intensities, which can be personalised up to 300 lux. There’s even a choice of three wake-up sounds to ensure that you don’t drift off again.

Gone are the sharp, uncomfortably pitched screeches associated with common alarms, replaced instead by various bird songs and zen garden ambient sounds.
The light feature works brilliantly, illuminating your entire bedroom.

It’s often effective enough on its own, but is wonderfully complimented by the pre-set audio.

To ensure the alarms don’t get tiresome, there’s an FM radio built in, which can be set to wake you up with your favourite  station.

If you are have trouble sleeping, there is even a sunset simulation mode. This prepares your body to fall asleep by gradually decreasing light and sound to your set duration.

Aesthetically, the wake-up light’s simple curves give it a friendly and gentle appearance. Some may find, however, that its predominantly white colour looks slightly clinical.

Buttons are clearly laid-out, and there is the option of setting multiple alarms – to ensure you are not waking up too early on your days off.

With its good looks, versatile design and ingenious mechanics, this wake-up light will soon become a bedroom staple for those who buy it.