Oculus Rift: Virtual Reality Headset for 3D Games


This is a game based on the technology of virtual reality. It enables Full 3D environment and will certainly be a gamers’ delight. With a field-view of 110 degrees, the gadget will even track the movement of the gamers’ head. The console needs to be connected to a PC for enabling it to unfold its technical marvel. The gamer is also able to look around to have a full glimpse of the virtual gaming platform.

The device will be helpful in providing pleasure of gaming experience on a 50-inch screen, making the genre almost six times larger that any other virtual 3D gaming console has been able to offer.

With all these futuristic new gadgets of 2013, this will certainly be an exciting period for both the developers and the customers throughout the world. Everyone is eager to unfold the mysteries that technology is yet to reveal.


Source: http://www.xnas.net