Laserpod.. Creating indoor lighting effects

Laserpod is one of the most innovative lighting products since the lavalamp of the sixties, now an icon of that era. Laserpod is equally as resonant with this modern age and is a classic in the making. It was born out the cultures of music, fashion and art and will likely become an icon of this millennial age.

The Laserpod actually uses advanced technology to generate the purest light known to man- a single frequency of energy fundamental to our existence.

It is the patented invention of the UK light artist Chris Levine, whose varied and ground breaking work in light has ranged from light sculptures for the band Massive Attack and some of the most leading edge fashion designers, to an historic hologram portrait of the Queen of England. His work is about the experience of seeing and the living power of light, an ethos that is distilled into Laserpod.

The product uses three red lasers and three (2 x blue & 1 x ultra violet) LED’s [light emitting diodes] chosen by the inventor so that the combination of their wavelengths as a background to the red laser gives a super sensory experience. This intense light energy is projected through a crystal and the output of this wondrous device can only be described as awe inspiring.

With the diffusers on top of the alloy cylinder, as supplied in the package, the effects are contained and Laserpod becomes a soothing ambient lamp. However, the visual magic starts when the diffusers are removed – the lightforms will radiate and project across an entire room and over great distances.

You can interact with Laserpod by placing on top anything optical. Glass, crystal or clear plastics will produce the most profoundly beautiful effects that will continually evolve in time. For the best Laserpod experience, the device should be activated in complete darkness when the subtler more meditative and organic beams will be seen – these are quite extraordinary and are unique to Laserpod.

Laserpod is portable and can function for up to 8 hours on three Alkaline AA batteries or run directly from the mains on its powerpack.