Flying Alarm

Try setting it on the snooze mode to get some more sleep, you will end up running around the room trying to catch the flying alarm. The moment it starts, it takes off and flies round the room, making a really annoying noise like a mosquito!

Even if you hit the snooze button, it will take off again, so it will undoubtedly get you out of bed, though of course it might smash the place up a bit before you catch it, and if you sleep with the windows open you might find yourself looking for it in the streets.

If this does not wake you up, it will definitely fall on you and this will wake you up. However it’s a terrific fun item, and has already won a technology design award for its innovation and flair and makes a neat gift for anyone who has trouble getting out of the old pit in the mornings.



  • Flying alarm clock
  • Top flies into the air when the alarm goes off
  • The alarm clock will not turn off until the top is placed back on top of the base
    clock is a LCD screen, and illuminates blue when the top is pressed to see the time when it is dark
  • The clock/time requires 2 x button cell batteries (included)
  • The spinning top and alarm features require 4 x AA batteries (not included) these will need to be inserted before the alarm will work.