Christmas Idea: Outdoor Heating Jacket

According to Gadget Lab, Wired, The M12 is a heated jacket, powered by lithium-ion batteries, to keep you snug and warm in the winter. The blurb says that it is good for sports and outdoor activities, but surely those are exactly the things that warm you up without an in-clothing heater.

Still, for doormen, bouncers and security guards, the M12 is perfect. It has three carbon-fiber heating pads inside, and that battery will keep them going for six-hours on a charge. And if you’re really lucky, perhaps the spent battery might spark and catch alight, as li-ion batteries are so fond of doing, and keep you toasty for a little longer.

But if you’re the kind of person who loves the outdoor life, but is too lazy to do anything once you get there, then this jacket is for you.