Catch that Mouse!

Mice can be cute. Or actually not! Imagine you’re sleeping and then you hear scratching in your wall and awake to find bread crumbs lying on the floor and droppings lying about.  This is a nuisance and most likely will cause anxiety and paranoia in your household. These are wild uncontrolled rodents that carry disease and germs which can be very harmful to your health and your family’s health.

The Victor Multi-Kill Electronic Mouse Trap provides a solution.  Just bate the trap with bits of food that you think will attract your mice.  Then leave it alone over night. If the mice smell what you have left for them, they will make their way into the Victor Multi-Kill Electronic Mouse Trap and be sealed in. Once inside they will make their way to the bait which is place just ahead of three electrically charged plates. The plates will zap the mice just as an insect zapper does to those pesky insects outside.

Once the mouse is dead, the chamber inside will rotate and drop the dead mouse into a collection drawer and reset for its next kill. The mouse is then deposited into a collection bay below, ready for disposal. The collection tray holds up to 10 mice, so you can potentially rid your house of its pest problem within one night. The Victor Multi-Kill Electronic Mouse Trap requires 4 C batteries to operate which will kill around 150 mice if your problem is that great.

Good investment for a $100!