Artists Paint Beirut City

For over 60 years adidas Originals has been celebrating originality around the world in fashion, music, arts, design and all aspects of life. It’s now time that Beirut was recognized as a city of originality.

Fascinated bystanders looked on as Beirut neighborhoods came to life, with graffiti artists spray painting store shutters, with slogans such as ‘Celebrate Originality’ and images representing all that is truly unique about this city.

Some of the best graffiti artists from Lebanon have come together to bring their artwork to life on the streets of Beirut. Areas like Hamra, Gemayze, Downtown, and Ashrafieh will be transformed into an ‘Originals meeting place’ for artists and all those that live by the values that adidas Originals celebrates across the world; authenticity, creativity, individuality and originality.

The artists will be painting the streets in the trademark colors of the adidas Originals brand, demonstrating their skills and artistic inspiration, while showcasing their creativity and imagination to bring to life all that adidas Originals stands for.