Who is Bassem Youssef?


We have all recently heard of Bassem Youssef, also called the John Stewart of the Arab World. His Youtube presence has made a huge impact on the Arab World especially with his show “El Bernameg”, a political satire similar to John Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

For those who do no know who is Bassem Youssef or Dr. Bassem Youssef, he is an Egyptian cardiothoracic surgeon turned political satirist. He launched a wildly popular political talk show on YouTube from his apartment in the wake of the Egyptian revolution in 2011. He has gained a worldwide following on YouTube and is a voice for free expression in Egypt and the Arab World. His show has more than 80 million views on YouTube and it immensely growing week after week.

Several users on social media have recently shared his renowned video mocking Mohammed Morsi, Egyptian President “Gas & Alcohol Dont Mix” and another video mocking another politician Mansour Mortada with a song “Ya Mortada Ya Mortada”.  Despite his growing popularity, he has created several media enemies with his viscous satirical attacks on a number of figures in Egypt and the Arab World. His show, which is aired on CBC Egyptian Channel every Friday, has also hosted a number of renowned actresses and singers including Elissa, Nicole Saba, Basma, and several others.Dr. Youssef recently also presented a show titled “America in Arabic” highlighting the lives of Arabs in USA and their talent.

Whether you support Dr. Youssef or not, his talent and growing popularity can not be ignored.