Sherine insults “The Voice” Crowds

Sherine Abdul Wahab, the Egyptian Singer, and one of the judges and trainers of “The Voice” show aired on MBC replied to the applauding of the crowd in a very rude manner. Sherine dedicated a salut to Ammar Al Shorai, the Egyptian Musician after he passed away recently, so the crowds applauded Sherine for this  comment. Surprisingly, Sherine replied in a rude manner saying that this does not require such a reaction from the crowd. Sherine was attacked via social media channels on her reaction and several angry comments were made stating that this was a disrespectful act from the Egyptian singer.

The Arabic version of “The Voice,” a program which already features on international screens, featured 100 participants across the Arab world. The show also features four celebrities including Kadim al-Sahir, Assi el-Helani, Shereen Abdelwahab, and Saber al-Rubai.