SAIF 840: A historic epic signed by Mansour Rahbani

“SAIF 840” a historic epic, with the touches of Mansour Rahbani, will always be present in history books and memories.The play is a mix of a beautiful scenario, music and splendor in the singing art by Ghassan Saliba and Hiba Tawaji.

The play is the birth of the revolution, the story of leaders from all Lebanese communities and rites who swore on 7th June, 1840, before St Elies altar at Antelias to unite against Emir Bachir II who was an ally with the Egyptians and the French.

“SAIF 840” is the story of people hungry for freedom, a story of resistance against injustice, of repression, and a story of others wars on our land.

The show took place at the Casino Du Liban theatre and accomplished great success.