Lebanese Director Yehya Saade Dies from Electric Shock

Yehya Saade, the creative and sometimes controversial music video director has passed away in Turkey as a result of an accident with electricity on the set of Lebanese socialite and singer Maya Diab first music video. The news has been confirmed after rumors have been roaming around the net.

Apparently the late director was warned by one of his assistants not to touch the wires but it was too late. He passed away shortly after he reached the hospital in Turkey.

Maya Diab is reportedly suffering a nervous breakdown. The late director’s body will be handed over to the Lebanese authorities within 48 hours. The Turkish security forces started investigating the circumstances of the incident.

The Arab world has lost one of the boldest music video directors who has worked with esteemed Arab female singers including Myriam Fares, Amal Hijazi, Carol Sakr, Haifa Wehbe… pushing social, political and sexual boundaries of Arab society. He was nominated for a Murex D’or award 2009. Saade’s creative agency Over Beirut has made video clips for many of the Arab stars.

May he rest in Peace!

Directing Career:

1- Ana wou enta- Rahma
2- Bayaa el ward – Amal Hijazi
3- Salam – Jeanine D
4- Khaleeni ma3ak -Nisrine Zreik
5- Mouch Adra – Haifa Wehbe
6- Ya sare’ Omri – Jeanine D.
7- Tabii Kida – Nicole Saba
8- Khattaha – Iwan
9- Moukana Wein – Myriam Fares
10- Hassa ma beina – Haifa Wehbe
11-Alby S’alou – Nawal al Zoghbi
12- Longa V – Vanessa
13-Brahti – Nicole Saba
14-Ta’ ta’ ta’ta’a – Shams
15- Funky arab – Jad Choueiri
16- Ya Ebn el Halal – Haifa Wehbe
17- Aayzak Kida – Sumaya el Khachab
18- Kollon Beh Aa’lou Radi – Sumaya el Khachab
18- Khalini Shoufak Beleil – Najwa Karam
19- Gerh Ghyabak – Carol Sakr
20- Elli Byehsal – Myriam Fares