Haifa Wehbe and Casper Smart look steaming hot in her first-ever English music video!

haifa-wehbe-casperFollowing a week-long countdown on Haifa Wehbe’s social media accounts, the Lebanese superstar has finally released her much-anticipated music video “Breathing You In” on Tuesday.

Why all the fuss? Not only was the video filmed in Las Vegas under the direction of über cool Palestinian director Tarik Freitekh – who has worked with the likes of Justin Bieber, Tamer Hosny and Akon – but hunky dancer Casper Smart, who happens to be American superstar J.Lo’s ex-boyfriend, stars as Haifa’s lover in it!

This production is a stepping stone for Haifa, which she hopes will lead the way to international recognition and publicity within the Western music market. That might very well happen, as “Breathing You In” will be the first music video by an Arab singer to air on the American MTV channel, VH1 and Revolt TV.

And get a load of this: Haifa is also the first and only Arab artist to collaborate with and release her video on the world’s leading all-premium music video and entertainment platform Vevo. With over seven billion monthly views globally, Haifa is in for some serious exposure with her target Western audiences.

We’ve heard Haifa sing with Lebanese and Egyptian dialects before, but did we mention that she sings this entire “nightclubby” tune in English? Another first for the ever evolving artist!

In the Gravity-inspired video, the hot redhead plays Casper’s girlfriend, while he depicts an astronaut, whose space mission goes wrong. This triggers flashbacks of a steaming hot and shirtless Casper working on his barn (on Earth!), with a skimpily-dressed Haifa at the ready for a sensual hug.

The video has an undeniable sexy element to it, whether it be Haifa sporting one of her most daring looks yet (yes, even more than her see-through dress that broke the Arab Internet!), or putting on a well-choreographed dance that will have men’s eyes fixed on her for the entire 4:42 minutes of the video.

“Breathing You In” was produced by Freitekh and Mostafa Sorour’s Los Angeles-based production company World Music.

Source: http://www.albawaba.com/